Go Natural with Crystal Deodorant

About six years ago I noticed a lump under my right arm that was soft and pliable. Of course, being a self-proclaimed hypochondriac, I ran to my doctor right away to check it out. My general practitioner examined me and immediately recommended that I see a specialist, so he referred me to a surgeon. I decided to do my own research before my visit with the surgeon and read that some people can be irritated by some of the ingredients in popular antiperspirants like aluminum. This really resonated with me because I noticed that the lump would shrink in size when I would use a natural deodorant and return when I used antiperspirant.

Well it turned out that the lump was not cancer or any other serious condition and the surgeon told me that my lymph node was just infected and that he highly doubted that the irritation had anything to do with deodorant.

Of course I got a second opinion from my GYN, who send me in for a mammogram that came back negative, but this ordeal led me on a quest to find a natural alternative to antiperspirants. I knew that finding this natural “mystery product” to keep me smelling fresh and clean throughout the day would be a challenge, but I was up for it.

My first decision was whether I should try an antiperspirant, deodorant, or crystal deodorant product. Antiperspirants usually contain chemicals (usually aluminum derived products) that block pores to prevent perspiration and deodorants usually just mask odor.

First, it is almost impossible to find a natural antiperspirant product, which led me to look at deodorants. I tried a number of natural deodorants (which will remain nameless) that didn’t work at all for me. Also many deodorants contain parabens, propylene glycol, and/or Phthalates which aren’t good for a number of reasons.

Besides not really being a healthy choice the deodorants didn’t work to mask the odors; especially after working out, when wearing heavy sweaters in the winter, and getting around on hot and humid days in the summer.

Next I tried crystal deodorant stones which are made of potassium alum (a mineral) that actually works to kill the bacterial that causes perspiration to smell. To use the stone, you either wet it (usually by running it under water at a faucet) or you apply it to your underarms prior to drying off after a shower and then let it dry.

The first day that I tried it, I knew that it was working; the crystal deodorant was a success. I applied it once in the morning, around 6 am, and it kept me fresh until my next shower.

I do have a few suggestions for using the crystal deodorant:

  • For the average female it seems to works in eliminating odor all day in moderate to cold temperatures
  • In the summer and on extremely hot days the crystal works most of the day, but you may have to clean the underarms again after 9 hours or so to guarantee freshness
  • You should reapply the crystal after moderate to heavy exercise or after any activity that causes heavy perspiration
  • Since the deodorant is a mineral it tends to sting a bit if you try to apply it immediately after shaving, so I recommend that you apply it a min if 6 hours after shaving.
  • If you have sensitive skin be careful if attempting to use crystal deodorant, since it may irritate the skin

I have been using crystal deodorant for a while now and I feel confident that it keeps me fresh and clean throughout the day and I would definitely recommend it to others. It even helped to shrink the irritated lymph node under my arm, which was my goal when I first started this process.