Curious About Health (CAH) is a resource that provides information about food, drink, supplements, fitness and emotional support that are said to improve overall health. CAH is dedicated to promoting a natural healthy lifestyle, by exploring diet and other wellness techniques.

CAH is operated by two long-time friends, Tanya and Gosia, who through years of friendship, both realized that they had both tried a number of natural products to cure and/or aid with everything from everyday illnesses and challenges like the common cold, weight loss to more rare and serious conditions, like cancer.  Some of these “remedies” worked so well for them that they went on to recommend them to friends and family, and others either didn’t work or didn’t show any measurable results.

Tanya is the mother of a small child and is interested in ways of keeping herself and her family healthy and well rested. Gosia is a Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor and is interested in keeping herself in remission and maintaining a health lifestyle.

It is not the intent of CAH to be a substitute for medical advice, so please seek the opinion of a physician before you consider trying any of the foods, products, and lifestyle regimens on our site.

All the Best,

Tanya and Gosia