Dandelion Detox Smoothie


Do you have a family member or a friend, who just doesn’t get enough fruits and vegatables in their diet? I certainly do! My father’s diet consists of meats and cheeses for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The tought of having a salad for a meal is just unheard of for him.  After a recent physical, my dad relunclantly admitted that his doctors advice is to loose weight.  This is no surprise to me and that is why I am eagar to change my dad’s unhealthy eating habbits.

I decided to make a dadelion detox smoothie for him in the hopes he changes his point of view.  Green smoothies are delishious and satisfying.  Although he fought me hard on trying the green smoothie, I won the fight!  Although dandelions are a little bitter, if you combine them with fruits they make a delicious and healthy drink.  Even my dad seemed to enjoy it when he tried it to his surprise.

The dandelion detox smoothie is packed with beta carotene, iron, calcium and vitamin A, C, E and K.  Dandelions increase the amount of urine that the body produces and thus helping you flush out the toxins in your body.  Dandelion cleanses the liver and supports kidney function making the dandelion smoothie a perfect detox drink.  Although dandelion leaves are not the main ingredient in this smoothie, I think they really complement all the other fruits and vegetables. If you are interested in learning more about the health benefits of dandelions, check out my post on Dandelions, natures vitamin.

Dandelion Detox Smoothie

(Serving Size 72 oz)

  • 1 cup of dandelion greens
  • 1/2 cup of parsley
  • 1 cups of curly kale
  • 2 bananas
  • 2 mangos
  • 2 cups of strawberries
  • 2 cups of coconut water
  • 1 tbs of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Before blending all my ingredients, I wash everything with a mixture of water and vinegar.  That is my preference, if you choose to you can wash your fruits and veggies with a vegetable/fruit wash.  Depending on the type of blender that you have and how powerful it is, I put in the greens in first with coconut water in order to grind the greens fully.  If you have a powerful blender, the order that you blend the ingredients doesn’t matter.

When making smoothies, I try to opt for organic ingredients.  The main objective of the smoothie detox is to is to get rid of all the toxins and nourish your body with vital vitamins and minerals.  Therefore, including synthetic pesticide free fruits and veggies is a must.

Trying the dandelion detox smoothie was a big first step for my dad and I am glad that it turned out to be a good experience for him. I encourage you to make this smoothie to those in doubt of the taste of green smoothies. They will certainly be surprised and who knows maybe they will be a little more open minded and make healthier food choices.  That is my hope for my dad!