The Skinny on Fitness Trampolines


As a new mom, I was struggling with how I could incorporate my pre-pregnancy work out routine into my life after having my son.  I felt guilty for not treating my body well and working out like I should, but also felt guilty the times I left my son while I worked out.  So I decided to look into in home workouts that I could do while my son was asleep and came upon fitness trampolines.

After researching fitness trampolines, I discovered that there are two main types of trampoline, spring and band.  Spring trampolines have been around for a long time, but are generally noisier and more susceptible to breaking if the spring is not made from a quality material.  Band trampolines tend to be quieter and and are sometimes sold with adjustable bands that help control the tightness/depth of the bounce.

Then I learned the health benefits of trampolining:

  • improved lymphatic drainage (keeps blood and lymphatic fluid in balance, thereby removing toxins from the body)
  • increased leg strength
  • increased core strength
  • improved balance

In addition to the health benefits, exercising on a fitness trampoline is very convenient since you can use the trampoline indoors or outdoors and even in different rooms of your house.  It is also cost efficient, since it doesn’t require the use of electricity and most importantly, since you are essentially bouncing the pounds away, the workout seems more fun than strenuous.

With all of these benefits, and the added benefit of not spending time away from my son, I decided to try the the JumpSport fitness trampoline (model 250).  So I have to admit that I love the JumpSport!  The workout is extremely easy, I basically just jump, bounce and twist for 20 to 30 min a few nights a week and I don’t even feel like I’m exercising.  My goal is to work up to 45 min of cardio (jumping) at least 4 nights a week; hopefully I will be there by end of summer.

I will keep you posted on my results.