Putting Mangosteen to the Test


I started adding 1 oz of 100% pure Organic Mangosteen to my morning smoothies. I believe that it is too early for me to share its effects since I just started introducing this tropical fruit to in my diet. The only effect that I can share with you is that it is gives me more energy.

So why am I trying this tropical fruit? Mangosteen has been found to be anti-inflammatory packed with nutrients and has also been used by some as a supplement in preventing cancer.  As Primary Mediastinal Non-Hodgkin’s survivor, I am eager to know if this fruit really works for me.  Although, I feel that there needs to be more research performed to indicate Mangosteen’s full effects, so far the research about the benefits of this fruit look promising.

Mangosteen is said to have some of the following benefits:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • packed with Antioxidants
  • improves vascular health
  • increases energy
  • supports healthy joints
  • helps alleviate allergies
  • it helps with depression
  • curbs anxiety
  • prevents Alzheimer’s
  • helps prevent bacterial and fungal infections
  • prevents acne

There are many many more benefits to this super-fruit.  For a full list visit the Mangosteen Research website. 

When purchasing Mangosteen juice remember to look for organic whole fruit juice since most of Mangosteen’s healing properties come from the rind or peeling. To get the most out of this super-fruit its important to buy juice that has fruit pulp and not only fruit juice. I found Genesis Today’s Mangosteen 100% Juice at Whole Foods and I chose this brand because the it’s made from organic Mangosteen and the juice is from the whole fruit. Genesis Today’s Mangosteen is also available in many health food stores as well as Amazon.


Mangosteen juice is also being used as an alternative cancer treatment by some alternative cancer treatment centers and a supplement in preventing cancer. Even Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has researched the effects of Mangosteen juice and has found it to provide promising results. However, if you have a medical condition I recommend consulting your doctor first before trying mangosteen juice, especially if you are undergoing chemotherapy or have diabetes.  Memorial Sloan-Kettering indicated that Mangosteen may interfere with certain chemotherapy drugs.  Due to the sugar content of this juice, diabetics should use the product with caution for the same reason.  Remember fruits and vegetables are nature’s drugs, just because they are natural doesn’t mean that they will not hurt you, especially if you have a condition or are undergoing treatment. Always consult your doctor first before trying anything new.

Visit Sloan Kettering site for more information.

Being a cancer survivor, I am definitely interested in the health effects of this fruit especially the anti-cancer benefits.  I will update you on my experience with Mangosteen in the future.